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660 City News: Alberta students create biodegradable period product in hopes of reducing plastic waste

Jul 5, 2021

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — Founded by a pair of students from the University of Alberta, Ruth Pads, a menstrual product, is made from 93 per cent plant-based materials.

Edmonton Journal: Edmonton startup business creates eco-friendly menstrual pads

June 27, 2021

An Edmonton-based startup company is offering women an eco-friendly option when purchasing menstrual pads. Ruth, named after former U.S. associate justice of the Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg, officially launched on Tuesday with a Kickstarter campaign.

Global News Feature:
Su-Ling Goh reports on how Edmonton students created sustainable period pads

June 22, 2021

Story included as a part of the Global News broadcast.

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