Ruth Pads

The easiest sustainable period care solution.

Ruth pads and box

Why Ruth Pads?

 Ruth pads are sustainable pads that you never have to wash. Our pads are biodegradable, 93% bio-based, and made without harmful plastic that traditional pads are made of. Traditional pads can take up to 800 years to break down! That's a long time!

Having a sustainable period has never been easier.

Renewable Materials

Made from materials including kenaf fibre, bamboo fibre, cellulose, and starch-based bioplastic.


SUPER soft while also providing maximum absorbency.


Safety testing conducted by 3rd party labs to ensure the highest quality.


Bamboo in the top layer keeps you free from that 'wet' feeling.

Here's the breakdown

Ololade, Beta-tester

I can’t over emphasize how soft and comfortable the pads were.
I forgot I was wearing them a lot of the time.

Morgan, Beta-tester

I love the coverage and no leaking.

Rebecca, Beta-tester

I loved the color-coded pad wrappers as they made me excited and happy every time I opened a new pad on top of knowing I am making a difference with such a simple everyday choice!

Chitra, Beta-tester

I have hyper-allergenic skin and I had no issues.

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